Suppliers: Get into the Good Wood Guide

Page - December 17, 2008
Greenpeace has produced the Good Wood Guide as a response to public queries about where to buy good wood and what timber species to avoid. Illegal and destructively harvested wood is cheap and is undercutting the good wood market. However, illegal timber will eventually be pushed out of the New Zealand market and a level playing field will exist for an environmentally and socially responsible wood product industry.

Selling ecotimber at the Woodage timber yard in Mittagong, NSW.

Timber suppliers have a unique opportunity to get ahead of the market now.

To meet growing demand, Greenpeace needs more timber suppliers to promote in the Good Wood Guide.

As a supplier of timber and timber products, you can demonstrate your commitment to protect the world's remaining intact tropical forests in the following ways:

Stock good wood timber products

If you are a timber or furniture merchant, manufacturer, retailer, or specifier and have products you would like to add to the Good Wood Guide, please use the form below and mail to P.O. Box 18836, Christchurch.

Suppliers form for inclusion in the Good Wood Guide

Develop a good wood purchasing policy

If your company stocks good wood products or plans to, we encourage you to develop a procurement policy which includes a commitment to sourcing timber and timber products with FSC or credible third party verification. As a guide, consider the Greenpeace Australia model procurement policy which specifies the thresholds required to be a good wood company.

Demand action to stop the importation of illegally and unsustainably logged timber and products

While companies can implement voluntary steps to ensure they don't stock illegally sourced timber, the flow of illegal imports will continue until the New Zealand government takes serious action.

There is currently no way of regulating illegally or unsustainably harvested timber imported into New Zealand.

This means that companies trying to do the right thing by stocking good wood will be competing with cheaper illegal products. This will only stop when our government steps up and stops the flow of illegal timber entering our shores.

Be proactive!

Write to the New Zealand Government (Ministers of Forestry, Environment and Trade, details below) and demand mandatory steps to stop the importation of illegally logged timber and wood products.

Trade Minister

Hon Tim Groser

Environment Minister

Hon Dr Nick Smith

Forestry Minister

Hon David Carter

To write to ministers by post:     

Hon. (Minister Name)

Minister for/of (Portfolio)

Parliament Buildings

Wellington 6011

New Zealand