Clean Energy Guide

Page - December 18, 2006
Greenpeace wants cleaner energy options for all New Zealanders, so we're all being powered from renewable sources and not contributing to climate change, that's why we've developed the Clean Energy Guide for you.

You can use the Clean Energy Guide to make the switch to clean, renewable power for your home or office.

The electricity we use at home and work has a direct impact on the environment. Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas to generate electricity contributes to climate change - which is the greatest threat we face.

Melting glaciers, rising sea levels and extreme weather events are all signs that climate change has begun, and it's changing our lives.

But using clean, renewable energy, such as wind and solar does not produce harmful climate-changing and toxic pollution.

As a consumer you have the power to choose clean electricity and reject dirty fossil fuel based energy.

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The Clean Energy Guide provides the information you need to switch to a cleaner, renewable electricity provider and help stop dangerous climate change.

With consumer pressure we can discourage energy companies from using fossil fuels and encourage them to move to producing clean renewable energy.

In the past it has been difficult to choose a cleaner electricity provider because of a lack of information but that has changed. Greenpeace has collated the information for you, to make the choice easy.

We investigated electricity providers in New Zealand and looked at how they currently generate electricity, their future generation plans and their policies for the future regarding renewable energy and fossil fuels, the result is the Clean Energy Guide.

Almost anyone with an electricity account can switch to a cleaner energy supplier with little more than a phone call or by filling in an online form.

By switching your energy supply you send a strong message to the energy companies that Kiwis do not want to buy, or promote, dirty electricity.

We all want a New Zealand powered on clean, renewable energy!