UPDATE: After receiving almost 2000 emails from concerned kiwis The Warehouse has announced it will suspend all orders of Cottonsoft products. People power works!


The wholesale destruction of Indonesian rainforests is wiping out the habitat of critically endangered Sumatran tigers – and the NZ based company Cottonsofthas now been linked to this destruction.

Cottonsoft is owned by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) - one of the most notorious players in the destruction of Indonesian rainforests.

After an eight month investigation, we have today released evidence that Cottonsoft toilet paper contains fibre from trashed Indonesian rainforests.

Cottonsoft refused to disclose where it was sourcing its toilet paper from so we sent samples to a US laboratory for forensic testing. Their tests confirmed the presence of mixed tropical hardwoods (timber that comes from rainforests) in a range of Cottonsoft products.

Cottonsoft is a subsidiary of the notorious conglomerate Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), which has been recently  been dropped as a supplier by several major companies around the world, including Mattel , Kraft, Nestle, Unilever, Tesco and Carrefour because of its reliance on rainforest destruction to make pulp and paper products.

In Australia the supermarket giant IGA is right now under pressure for trading in APP products.

In New Zealand all of the major supermarkets already refuse to use APP toilet paper in their own brands, but they continue to stock the Cottonsoft brands linked to Indonesian deforestation.

This is not good enough. One of the most effective ways we can stop APP destroying the last refuges of the critically endangered Sumatran tiger is by getting retailers here to stop buying APP products.

And that’s where you come in - because ‘the customer is always right’. If we can generate an overwhelming amount of consumer feedback, the retailers will be forced to act.

TAKE ACTION: Use our quick easy feedback form now to send a message to the big three - Progressive Enterprises, Foodstuffs and The Warehouse – tell them to take the rainforests off the shelves.

You can also download our Rainforest Friendly Toilet Paper Guide for your next shopping trip and buy toilet paper that is 100% recycled or has come from responsibly managed forests such as those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. When you go through the checkout, tell the supermarket staff it’s not acceptable to stock Cottonsoft products because they contain fibre from Indonesian rainforests, and ask them to pass that message on to management.

With your help, we'll stop rainforest destruction.