Cimate Rescue Station launched in Poland

Feature story - November 15, 2008
Greenpeace has set up a Climate Rescue Station on the edge of a vast open pit coal mine in Konin, Poland. The Rescue Station is a four storey tall planet earth and will be used as a platform to tell the world that we can save the climate, but only if we quit coal, the most polluting of all fossil fuels. The Station will remain in Poland for five weeks in the run up to, and during, the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference taking place in Poznan between 1st - 14th of December.

Greenpeace a installé une station de sauvetage climatique aux abords d’une vaste mine de charbon à ciel ouvert située à Konin, en Pologne.

Greenpeace a installé une station de sauvetage climatique aux abords d’une vaste mine de charbon à ciel ouvert située à Konin, en Pologne.

Estação de Resgate Climático instalada pelo Greenpeace ao lado da mina de carvão Jóźwin IIB, na Polônia, onde ativistas foram atacados por trabalhadores quando tentavam protestar no local.

Representatives from 15 different countries will be staying at the station to tell the story of how coal is affecting the entire planet. Coal is the single greatest threat to our climate and we are highlighting this by hosting a variety of high profile events and protests in and around the Climate Rescue Station. The earth dome - using electricty generated from clean renewable energy - is a visual representation of the climate tipping point that the earth is currently perched on - showing the dark future ahead of us if we don't get serious and quit coal now.

Greenpeace volunteers and activists worked constantly over several days to build the dome. This is one of a kind - and certainly the most impressive rescue station we have ever set up.

Quit Coal - Save the Climate

The Climate Rescue Station is part of our global Quit Coal campaign which has featured actions and events this year in Oceania, South East Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean - led by our flagship the Rainbow Warrior. She is currently on an expedition in Europe that is urging governments and energy companies such as German owned E.ON - to give coal the boot.

Poland depends on coal for 93 percent of its power, yet it will play host to the international climate talks next month. Poland should set an example to the rest of the world beginning a coal phase out and switching to clean energy sources while implementing energy efficieny measures. Unless all governments make concrete plans to shift to clean energy instead of increasing their reliance on coal - we will face catastrophic climate change.

On December 8th, the Climate Rescue Station will be moved to Poznan Wolności square, where it will continue to send a message to delegates attending the climate talks to get serious about climate change, quit coal and work towards a meaningful deal to save the climate.

Our message to delegates in Poznan will be simple - in order to save the climate - the world has to quit coal. And we can do it. Technically accessible renewable energy is capable of providing six times the energy the world currently consumes.