Greenpeace ship will stop in Auckland en route to save whales

Feature story - December 19, 2006
The Greenpeace ship Esperanza is en route to the Southern Ocean as part of a massive global campaign to stop whaling in the Sanctuary.

Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza en route to the Southern Oceans.

The ship will stop in New Zealand in the New Year to re-supply and make final technical and safety checks before leaving for the Southern Ocean.

It will be the first time the ship has been to New Zealand.

Two thirds of Japanese people do not support whaling on the high seas, according to a recent opinion poll.

Greenpeace will be working to bring international and domestic pressure on the Japanese Fisheries Agency to end the hunt in the Southern Ocean.

The six-ship whaling fleet has left Japan, and is headed directly to the Southern Ocean. 945 whales, including ten endangered fin whales, will be killed - unless we do something to save them.

Give us your ideas to save the whales and join the biggest-ever crew

Greenpeace is creating the biggest crew that it has ever taken south - with supporters sailing with the ship on-line.

Supporters can become part of the campaign by generating ideas for the Esperanza crew's actions in the Southern Oceans.

Post your ideas on how to save whales, rate ideas from around the world and join the biggest-ever crew now!

We'll read every idea and you'll see the best ones put into action.

You can also join the biggest-ever crew by texting your email address to 4858.

Take action now, you can help save the whales.

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