VICTORY! Marsden B is no more

Feature story - March 7, 2007
To be or not to be? ... well the answer for Marsden B at least is not to be. The struggle against Marsden B has seen a nine day occupation, high court challenges, protest marches, record numbers of public submissions, Surfers Against Sulphur, public meetings, the emergence of NGOs, bumper stickers, a demarcation and a pirate radio station. And the list goes on but heck it's been worth it!

The occupation of Marsden B coal fired power station.

The demise of Marsden B is a huge win for the climate and for the thousands of New Zealanders who opposed refiring the disused monster on coal. Local residents, local Iwi, Greenpeace and many other local and national environmental groups have been fighting the proposed station for over two years.

It's another nail in the coffin for dirty old coal and it is yet another vindication of peaceful protest and environmental activism.

While the iron is hot the Government must now act to prevent a repeat of this costly exercise. They must ensure no new coal fired power station proposals are even entertained, phase out existing coal as soon as possible and commit to a 100 per cent renewable electricity supply. The time is now.

The announcement we now await is that Mighty River Power will also abandon its related court action. The wayward SOE is set to  appeal the landmark case in which Greenpeace won a High Court decision to allow climate change to be considered in new coal-fired power station proposals.

Last week at the Huntly coal fired power station we released a report showing how New Zealand could reach a 100 per cent renewable electricity supply by 2025  - the ball is in the Government's court.

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