Huntly a climate killer

Greenpeace Climate Rescue Team move coal out of Huntly Power station

Feature story - February 26, 2007
At the break of dawn this morning the Greenpeace climate rescue team took action against one of the biggest climate polluters in New Zealand - the Huntly coal-fired power station. Greenpeace activists entered the Huntly site at dawn and are now preparing to take action against the plant.

Greenpeace activists dump coal returned from a stockpile at the Huntly Power Station outside Solid Energy's Rotowaru Mine headquarters.

Climate change is real, it's happening now, and it is frightening. New Zealand has largely ignored warnings about climate change for 20 years - we must take action or suffer serious consequences.

As we've seen recently in the Stern Report and IPCC reports it is still possible to avoid the worst effects of climate change but it will require a concerted, international effort, with wealthy countries like New Zealand leading the way in switching to clean, renewable energy sources.

On the back the action at Huntly we have also launched a report called New Zealand Energy Revolution: How to prevent climate chaos. The report is the first ever extensive examination of how New Zealand can restructure its energy system to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the worst effects of climate change. 

TAKE ACTION: You can have your say on how New Zealand deals with climate change by making a submission on the Government's proposed climate and energy policies currently under consideration here

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