Kiwi businesses beat government in race to get rid of coal

Press release - August 6, 2015
The announcement by Genesis Energy that it will close its last two coal-burning electricity generators at Huntly Power Station serves to further expose the Key Government’s inability to act on climate change.

Greenpeace NZ Campaigner Simon Boxer says it’s an “embarrassment” that businesses are now leaving the leaders of our country in the dust when it comes to moving away from dirty energy.

“The announcement by Genesis Energy is another good piece of news for anyone wanting their kids to have a future without runaway climate change,” he says.

“But it’s something that our government should be leading on. It’s just another example of John Key and his cronies dropping the ball for New Zealanders. They don’t have their finger on the pulse of the global move away from fossil fuels.”

The closure of the two coal-burning generators will spell the end of a coal-powered generation of Kiwis, and the news comes on the back of a global collapse of confidence in the coal industry, where bankruptcies and cancelled coal projects are now filling the business media pages.