Oil Protest Boat Refuses to Leave Controversial Drilling Site as Oil Driller Closes to Few Hundred Metres

Press release - November 19, 2013

A small boat is refusing to move from the site where Texan oil giant Anadarko intends to drill, despite the presence of the huge drilling ship, called the Noble Bob Douglas, around 400 metres away.

The Vega is currently above the drilling spot, which is one and half kilometres under the ocean surface.

Greenpeace executive director Bunny McDiarmid is onboard the Vega and is hoping to give a children’s flag to the drilling ship, which she contacted by radio minutes ago.

She said: “The sailing vessel Vega will not be moving. We will stay where we are in defence of our ocean, in defence of future generations, in defence of climate

“We have onboard a flag made by children that says ‘I love my beach’. These children don’t want oil slopping onto their beaches.

“We’re here to deliver this children’s flag to Anadarko’s massive, untested drilling ship. Anadarko have consistently ignored New Zealand. They, and the government, have hidden vital information from the people of New Zealand. So let’s see if they’ll ignore our children.”

This Saturday, New Zealanders can show their support by making a banner and getting down to their favourite west coast beach. There’s lots more details here: getfree.org.nz/banners

Earlier this year, the Government announced a controversial new law to ban aspects of protesting at sea, known as the ‘Anadarko Amendment’.



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Contact information:

Ana Mules, communications officer, Greenpeace: +64 21 2609186

Steve Abel, energy campaigner, Greenpeace: +64 21 927301