One third of National voters oppose mining plans

Press release - May 20, 2010
According to the most substantive poll on the mining issue to date, the Key Government’s mining plans are opposed by 30% of those who voted National in at the last election (1).

"This is sobering news for National; that one in every three people who supported the election of John Key did not do so in the expectation that our most protected conservation land would be opened up for mining," said Greenpeace Executive Director Bunny McDiarmid.

"This survey result is further clarification that the only sensible thing is for the Government's mining plans to be scrapped."

Greenpeace believes the mining plans are a breach of core Kiwi values. The poll confirms that these values largely transcend political affiliations.

"They are a classic example of this Government's brand of 19th century thinking," said  McDiarmid. "They're happy to put short-term profit ahead of the long-term wellbeing of the economy and the environment. This is a real risk for New Zealand's image and bottom line."

Over 40,000 people marched against the mining of schedule four land on May 1st in Auckland.

Notes: (1) According to the ShapeNZ nationwide survey of 2,215 New Zealanders, May 13-18, 2010 – “Among those who voted National [by party vote] in the 2008 general election 53% support removing [Schedule 4] protection, 30% oppose while 14% are neutral and 2% don’t know.”