Save our beaches from oil disaster

The crude truth about deep-sea oil drilling in Aotearoa

Publication - March 23, 2011
Many of us watched dumbfounded as the oil-spill disaster in the US Gulf of Mexico unfolded in 2010. Amazingly, as the oil was gushing from BP’s well, Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee was issuing permits for deepwater exploration to be carried out here. Mr Brownlee never questioned Petrobras’ environmental record – which happens to be terrible.

East Cape, and Foveaux Strait.spectacular pieces of coast, such as Northland’s West Coast, theis auctioning off the rights to drill off some of the country’s mostsuch a place, a frontier in the search for ‘new oil.’

The GovernmentResources Minister Gerry Brownlee is promoting Aotearoa as justget access to that buck - and a relaxed attitude to environmental protection - tohard-to-reach stuff, and is looking for countries with an eye for aThe world is running out of cheap oil.

The oil industry is chasing theextreme oil.Government policy, and the global oil industry’s pursuit ofthey are under serious threat from a combination of recklessAs New Zealanders, we love our pristine beaches ... but

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