Bunny Mcdiarmid Speech to BlueGreens Forum

Publication - September 8, 2008
"There are two things people like to have. Some call them luxuries, but really, they're just what we've come to expect. One is time and one is choice. The challenge with climate change is that we have increasingly less of both. The science is clear, by 2015 we need to have stabilised the world's carbon emissions. By 2050 we should be operating a zero carbon economy. Can we do it?"

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Executive summary: Greenpeace New Zealand Executive Director Bunny McDiarmid speaks to the National Party's Bluegreens Forum on Waiheke Island, Auckland. Her focus is on "what is necessary, what is fair and what is wise" when it comes to tackling climate change. She also challenges the National Party on its recently-released energy strategy.

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