Start your own petition

Have you noticed something in your community that you think needs changing, solving, or stopping?  Have you got a great idea that you think would create a more fair, just and sustainable society? is Aotearoa’s first ever people powered petition platform. It’s for you to use to make the change you want to see in the world. TOKO enables you to launch, run and deliver your own campaign petition on just about anything, with all the technology you need at your fingertips.

TOKO is people power: It’s participation, and it's flax-roots community action. In Māori, Toko means to have feelings and emotions spring up in your mind, to grow and to start moving. TOKO also forms part of the word "Tautoko" which means to agree, support, or advocate. The 'o' in "Toko" is pronounced like the 'o' in "or" so the correct way to say it is "tore-core" not "toe-coe"

Everyone has the power to make change and to create a more just, fair and sustainable society. So, if you want change, TOKO is a good place to begin!