Using the media to be heard

Page - December 21, 2006
Feel like issues that concern you aren’t getting enough media coverage? Want to reach a broader audience than just your friends family and colleagues? Want to contribute to the national debate about an issue? Want to encourage others to take action to create a better world? Using the media is an effective way to reach people that you want to hear your message.

The media has far-reaching scope, through radio, TV, newspapers and the internet and. harnessing this influential power is a vital tactic in the campaign toolkit. It prevents issues from disappearing from the public eye, stimulates more media interest in covering the issue, creates public debate and moves people to take action. All of which we need to win campaigns.

You may be thinking that you need to get into national or international media publications or onto the stations with the widest scope for your message to be effective, and to make a difference. But local and regional media are just as effective. A local paper is read by many people, and what happens in people's backyards directly affects their lives, so there's a higher vested interest in the topic for the reader. Local and regional media also cuts across social groups, for example your local free paper goes through every door, regardless of age, income, education or politics.

If you have a passion for making change, or simply want people to know what's going on, then write to newspapers, write a press release and call talkback radio.

Greenpeace; Hoofdkantoor NDSM, AmsterdamWrite a press release

A guideline for writing AWESOME press releases -  the more you follow them the better your press release will be. Writing isn’t everyone’s strong point - that’s why we are here to help you, please don’t hesitate to ask or send through your draft.

Be heard

Write a letter to the editor

Letters to the editor are among the most widely read sections of the newspaper and are able to reach and influence a broad audience. Check out these literary tips that will help you get your letter published. 

Call talkback radio

Call talkback radio

Been listening to a bunch of crazies having a rant on talkback radio? Call in and counter their argument, to make sure listeners hear the other side of the story. Check out these tips on being an effective caller.