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The future is here - clean green economy for New Zealand

Choosing a smart, clean economy makes sense for so many reasons!

   New Jobs, New prosperity and a New clean Economy for New Zealand.

   Huge wealth can be created for NZ by building an economy based on 100% renewable energy.

    Read the future is here, green economy report Take action agains deep sea drilling Get you won copy of our green economy infographic

Five killer facts about the clean green economy

New Zealand Story  

New Zealand Story contains references to over 30 people and events in our history that collectively and individually embody the best of the New Zealand character. It touches on just some of those who have defined our country, its spirit and our historical tendency to overachieve in way that is uniquely kiwi. Now is a time when there seems to be an increasing conversation about what we stand for as a nation, and what values we choose to guide us forward.

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