Annual Reports

Page - August 23, 2013
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2015 Annual Report

Greenpeace Southeast Asia was founded in 2000 in response to rampant environmental degradation brought about by unfettered development in the region. 

For the past decade and a half, we influenced decision-makers in the region by pioneering the call for a massive uptake of renewable energy, stopped forest destruction on the ground where it was happening, bore witness to Southeast Asia’s polluted waterways, legally challenged companies in order to keep our food systems sustainable, and worked with broad alliances to stop illegal fishing.

Today, as we look toward the future, we know our mission remains the same: to safeguard  environmental rights, expose and stop environmental crimes and advance clean development.

But the work ahead is more urgent than ever before. Download our 2015 Annual report here.


2014 Annual Report

As a Greenpeace regional office consisting of Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and with a growing regional presence in Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, and in the Lower Mekong region, Greenpeace Southeast Asia is at the frontlines of some of the world’s most serious environmental battles.

In 2014, through the vision, creativity and tireless work of our Executive Director and team across the region, we continued to make strides in confronting the critical environmental issues facing Southeast Asia and the globe - we are seeing promising changes in policy and practice at a local and regional level and in commercial and government sectors. This report will highlight our many successes across the region and give you a brief overview of our work.

Our successes are also due to our many supporters – who are actively engaged, in communities or online – and who continue to get involved, adding their voices to further amplify our campaigns. We know that there is great power in numbers: such a groundswell of support cannot be ignored by businesses and politicians, compelling them to change harmful practices and put healthier, greener plans and policies in place. Download our 2014 report here.


2013 Annual Report

In a speech on the day of the Rainbow Warrior's visit in Jakarta, Indonesia, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said: “I want to guarantee my grandchildren a clean and peaceful environment in the future.”

This is the vision we have as Greenpeace—and it is a vision we share with you who have joined us, and continue to support us, on this journey. This vision is also reflected in the work we accomplished in 2013—a year where we marked significant milestones both in our campaigns, and for our organization as a whole. Download our 2013 report here.

2013 Annual Report 


2012 Annual Report

2012 was the year in which the reality of dangers to our environment - and the imperative to take immediate action to protect it - became more obvious than ever before. 

We saw massive climate-related disasters around the world, from Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines to Super Storm Sandy in the United States.

The long term effects of incidents such as Fukushima and the Gulf oil spill continued to play out in 2012, as it became apparent that it is not possible to simply “mop-up” these kinds of disasters. The effects on human health, food stocks, soil and water will be felt for decades to come.

Southeast Asia was not exempt, with massive flooding in Manila and Jakarta an acting as an omen of the future urban climate risks faced by our region’s mega-cities: risks for which the urban poor and vulnerable disproportionately bear the brunt.

Our oceans – which provide food and livelihoods for so many of our people--faced the continued onslaught of pollution, global warming and destructive fishing practices.

But it is not all is not doom and gloom. We are making an impact: we are changing the way big companies do.

Download our 2012 report here.


2011 Annual Report

2011 marked the beginning of the next decade of environmental work in our region. Southeast Asia is changing—and we, its citizens, are at the cusp of this change. We are seeing a region now even more determined to strengthen political, economic and social ties; a region determined to carve its distinct identity in the international theater; a region now more conscious of its growing global importance. And amid all this, we, the citizens of Southeast Asia—a region which was in the past considered so fragmented in its diversity—are now being steadily pulled together by the inescapable threads of social media. And in the process, we are creating a real Southeast Asian community of people that is more powerful than the political and economic ties between nations within the ASEAN. Download our 2011 report here.


2010 Annual Report

In 2010, we marked ten years of working with you to protect Southeast Asia -- and indeed, with your support we have achieved many milestones and victories along the way. Download our 2010 report here.


2009 Annual Report

2009 was a landmark year in the history of Greenpeace Southeast Asia in terms of the growth of supporters and environmental dynamism in the region. This was the result of a great collective effort by all staff in our three national offices: Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In the global context, Greenpeace SE Asia has demonstrated the “One Greenpeace” identity, by bringing the local and regional environmental issues into the global landscape. Download our 2009 report here.