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Salveaza Padurea Amazoniana

Pagină | martie 20, 2019 la 19:17

Salveaza Padurea Amazoniana

Greenpeace Romania uncovered 35 illegal timber transports in Gorj county, of 25,000 E.

Comunicat de presă | noiembrie 20, 2016 la 12:41

A Greenpeace Romania team identified in two days approximately 319 meters of cubic meters of illegal timber in one single village.

Illegal Logging in Romanian Forests

Publicație | septembrie 13, 2018 la 13:30

A total of 12,487 cases of illegal logging were identified nationwide in 2017, i.e. an average of 34 cases/day, representing a 32% increase compared to the previous year.

Greenpeace proposes a vision for the Romanian forests

Publicație | noiembrie 26, 2015 la 13:33

Greenpeace launches today its vision for the future of Romanian forests.

Greenpeace Romania report – Over 60 cases of illegal logging per day during 2013 and 2014

Comunicat de presă | octombrie 21, 2015 la 10:17

Forest loss rate in Romania maintains at 3 hectares/hour

Greenpeace România cere măsuri ferme pentru protejarea pădurilor virgine

Comunicat de presă | septembrie 13, 2016 la 13:18

Greenpeace România a transmis d-nei Ministru Cristiana Pașca Palmer mesajul a peste 20.000 de oameni din întreaga lume cu privire la nevoia de a acționa ferm și de urgență pentru salvarea ultimelor păduri virgine ale Europei.

Forest Forum – from illegal logging to protection and responsibility

Publicație | iulie 18, 2016 la 17:13

Forest Forum – from illegal logging to protection and responsibility

Forest rescue station established in Carpathian Mountains

Comunicat de presă | august 9, 2016 la 12:23

Forest Rescue Station established by Greenpeace in Romania, in the Carpathian Mountains

NGOs stand united against illegal logging

Comunicat de presă | octombrie 23, 2015 la 12:11

Several Romanian organizations called on Europe to support Romania with ending illegal logging and protecting the last remaining natural forests.

Greenpeace Romania analysis: almost 100 cases of illegal logging per day in 2015

Publicație | iunie 10, 2016 la 21:10

Data of the new Greenpeace Romania report on the number of illegal logging cases registered by the authorities in 2015 shows an increase to 96 cases per day, from 62 cases during 2013-2014.

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