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Let’s stir up a Twitterstorm for the Reef on Q&A!

Blog entry by Penny Mercoulia | 1 May, 2015

This Monday, Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Shadow Environment Minister Mark Butler will be on the panel of the ABC’s Q&A programme. This is a great opportunity to make the Reef a hot topic and put the Ministers on the spot! We need your...

Eat your ugly vegetables to fight food waste: 4 reasons ‘not pretty enough’ is just fine

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 1 May, 2015

In 2015, it’s not just us who feel the pressure to look beautiful for Instagram. Our obsession with perfect-looking fruit and vegetables causes huge amounts of food waste. Here’s why ugly food is the new hottest thing in produce. According to...

The Rainbow Warrior heads to Vanuatu

Blog entry by Matisse Walkden-Brown | 29 April, 2015

After Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu and the Pacific in March, 75,000 people have been left in dire need of emergency shelter and other goods to restore their lives and homes. There are ongoing tireless efforts from many different organisations,...

Coal industry fact check: Mining for the truth

Blog entry by Marina Lou | 28 April, 2015

If you’ve been reading newspapers, listening to the Abbott Government, or paying attention to mining companies lately – you’d be forgiven for thinking the Carmichael megamine project is ready to bring thousands of jobs and tens of billions of...

Renewable Energy for All: How an Indian Village Was Electrified

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 27 April, 2015

Let’s accept it. Climate change is a reality and current and future generations are up against the greatest challenge that humanity has ever faced. Yet some people believe that there is a trade-off between combating climate change and delivering...

A huge day for my home land

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 24 April, 2015

Tomorrow is a huge day for my home land, the Cook Islands. People there will be uniting to help stop a fishing method which is catching way too many tuna.  Purse seine fishing uses massive nets which catch everything in their path. That’s bad...

6 simple ways to go green at work

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 24 April, 2015

Are you the Captain Planet of your office? These 6 easy tips could help you go green at work to dramatically reduce the impact you and your co-workers have on the environment, climate and our Earth. Sarah Neal has been volunteering at the Sydney...

We have less than a week to Save the Reef

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 23 April, 2015

Can you imagine a world without our Great Barrier Reef? Right now, We have a big decision to make. The Australian government will soon choose a future with coal, or a future with the Great Barrier Reef. What we do in the coming days can change...

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