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A huge day for my home land

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 24 April, 2015

Tomorrow is a huge day for my home land, the Cook Islands. People there will be uniting to help stop a fishing method which is catching way too many tuna.  Purse seine fishing uses massive nets which catch everything in their path. That’s bad...

6 simple ways to go green at work

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 24 April, 2015

Are you the Captain Planet of your office? These 6 easy tips could help you go green at work to dramatically reduce the impact you and your co-workers have on the environment, climate and our Earth. Sarah Neal has been volunteering at the Sydney...

We have less than a week to Save the Reef

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 23 April, 2015

Can you imagine a world without our Great Barrier Reef? Right now, We have a big decision to make. The Australian government will soon choose a future with coal, or a future with the Great Barrier Reef. What we do in the coming days can change...

Remembering the devastation: photos from the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 21 April, 2015

5 years ago, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, spewing 210 million gallons of crude oil. These Greenpeace photos from 2010 reveal the devastating mark the BP oil spill disaster left on our planet. Gulf residents...

New tuna market creates unique opportunity for the Pacific

Blog entry by Lagi Toribau | 21 April, 2015

Opinion Editorial by Lagi Toribau in Islands Business  SYDNEY, 30 MARCH 2015 —- There could soon be a whole lot more demand for sustainably caught tuna from the Pacific. For the first time ever, Greenpeace has just released a canned tuna guide...

What is there more of in our oceans: plastic or fish?

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 18 April, 2015

When you consider that every plastic water bottle, spoon, or yogurt tub you’ve ever used will probably outlive you, plastic begins to seem like a bad idea. And when you hear how much plastic we’ve forced upon our oceans – you’ll realise our...

Explore the underwater beauty Great Barrier Reef through Google Street View

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 17 April, 2015

If you’ve ever been diving in the Great Barrier Reef, you know why it’s a natural wonder revered all around the world. The Reef is a massive, vibrant, diverse underwater gem. It’s full of life and colour – and it needs your help. Right now, the...

How to Climb an Oil Rig – in Pictures

Blog entry by Greenpeace Australia Pacific | 11 April, 2015

What you need to climb an oil rig a very good reason (to stop Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic) an oil rig (Shell drill rig, bound for the Arctic) 1. Locate oil rig 2. Drive boat alongside and board 3. Set up rope for your team mates to come...

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