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R.I.P Tom Jefferson

Blog entry by Jamie Ling | 26 May, 2014

Tom Jefferson really was the best of men and the worst of men. His untimely death on the 21st of May has broken our hearts and illuminated the truth of that sentence. He was the best of men in the way he loved his two beautiful daughters and in...

How to catch tuna like an Islander

Blog entry by Elsa Evers | 19 May, 2014

I just went on my most successful fishing trip ever. There wasn’t much to compare it to. The best before that was when I caught half a fish because the tail half got eaten before I reeled it in. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was...

Hockey exposes us as fair weather friends

Blog entry by David Ritter | 15 May, 2014

With this Budget, Joe Hockey has signaled to the rest of the planet that Australia expects to free ride on the efforts of others. He has abandoned the core Australian value of being true blue, writes David Ritter. Originally published in The Drum...

6 infographics that will make you shudder

Blog entry by Rashini Suriyaarachchi | 12 May, 2014

Last week the Queensland government approved a proposal to build Australia’s BIGGEST coal mine: Adani‘s Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin. That might sound bad enough, but you haven’t heard the worst of it yet… Take a look at what this mine...

Ice and oil should stay in the Arctic

Blog entry by Alexandra Harris | 8 May, 2014

One day Arctic sea ice may be a thing of the past in summer. A distant memory of what used to be. And something our grandchildren will look at with awe in the natural history books. That day could be as soon as the middle of this century. That’s...

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