Working on Greenpeace ships

Job - 19 June, 2006
Sailing aboard a Greenpeace ship can be the experience of a lifetime. We value maritime experience, safety training, and a wide range of skills in our professional crew.

Working on a Greenpeace ship

To apply for a position as a crewmember on one of our ships, send a CV to the address below.  List any marine certificates you possess, and specify as many skills as you can. Do you speak several languages? Are you a certified diver? A professional cook? A wonderful musician? A photographer, videographer, carpenter, plumber, or engineer? Is your passport current and what's your availability?

We are always looking for motivated, skilled and experienced crew but as you can imagine we also receive many applications each day. Give us as much information as you can, and good luck!

Greenpeace Marine Services
Ottho Heldringstraat 5
1066 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands