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Standard Page - 23 June, 2010
Greenpeace Australia Pacific employs a variety of staff in our offices, warehouse, ships and in the field. Meet some of our staff here. If you are a journalist and would like to speak to one of our staff below, please contact our media team on 0418 408 683.

Staff Member


David Ritter


Lisa Walters

Chief Operating Officer

Lagi Toribau

Oceans Team Leader

Emma Gibson

Head of Program

Reece Turner

Senior Campaigner

Nathaniel Pelle

Oceans Campaigner

Nikola Čašule

Climate and Energy Campaigner

Matisse Walkden-Brown

Head of Pacific Net 

Ian Lawton

Bequest Coordinator

Nicola Norris

Head of Advancement

Claire Pryce

Major Relationships Manager

David Ritter

David Ritter, CEO

David returned to Australia to become CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific in 2012 after five years with Greenpeace in London, where he campaigned on the global issues of destructive fishing, deforestation and climate change.

Prior to joining Greenpeace, David worked as a lawyer practising in general litigation, resources law and native title, before spending a short stint as an academic teaching in law and history. David was acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading Indigenous rights lawyers and is the author of Contesting Native Title and The Native Title Market.

A widely published commentator on politics, law, history and current affairs, David is an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Law of the University of Western Australia and an Associate of the Sydney Democracy Network at the University of Sydney.

David has had an extensive involvement in civil society in both Australia and the UK. He holds honours degrees in both law and history from the University of Western Australia and masters with distinction in global politics from the London School of Economics.

David grew up in Western Australia, the youngest of seven children. He now lives in Sydney and is married with two daughters.

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Lisa Walter

Lisa Walters, Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer Lisa is responsible for Finance, Human Resources and Technology. Lisa joined Greenpeace in December 2013 following 15 years in the Financial Services sector, locally and internationally, managing transformation change. Lisa is a Chartered Accountant who brings leadership in operational support and cultural change management to achieve organisational goals.

Her interests range from heath and well being (as a qualified naturopath) to enjoying the outdoors with her family. Lisa is excited to be part of Greenpeace, raising social awareness of environmental threats at a local and global level.

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Lagi Toribau

Lagi Toribau, Oceans Team Leader

Lagi joined Greenpeace in 2001 as a volunteer, before becoming a campaigner based in Fiji at just 20 years old. Since then, he has led four ship tour expeditions targeting pirate fishing and tuna over-fishing in the Pacific, as well as Greenpeace's participation in key regional and international fisheries meetings. 

Most recently, Lagi has worked as the Head of Program for Greenpeace East Asia, managing the Climate and Energy and Oceans campaigns. He has been a critical member of Greenpeace's regional and international team campaigning for sustainable and equitable seafood procurement across Europe, Asia and the USA.

 "The fight against the powerful, the greedy, the corporations, the government, the sceptics drives my passion to strive for a better world for my people. In Greenpeace, there is never a dull moment."

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Emma Gibson, Head of Program

Emma started at Greenpeace UK in 1996 as a volunteer coordinator and more recently worked at Greenpeace India as a Deputy Program Director. Originally from the UK, Emma and her family moved south to sunny Sydney in 2015 when she was appointed as Head of Program at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Emma is passionate about the environment and works for Greenpeace because it is an organisation that is rooted in its values and if you see something wrong, you should do something about it.

One of Emma’s highlights has been working on the Mahan campaign in India. The Mahan forests is one of the oldest and largest forests in Asia and home to over 14,000 people and several endangered species. Emma worked with the local community to fight against coal mining development that would ultimately mean the destruction of the forest and displacement of the people living there.

One of Greenpeace’s many strengths is their ability to identify where the power lies and then influence the power holders to make social and political change for the greater good. It would be utterly boring to work anywhere else.

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Reece Turner

Reece Turner, Senior Campaigner

Reece started campaigning for Greenpeace in 2008, excited by the prospect of tackling environmental issues on a global scale.

After forsaking a promising career in law (and much to his family’s dismay), Reece became an environmental activist and campaigner for a number of organisations. He most recently worked with The Wilderness Society, an experience that continues to test his allegiances when two organisations meet on the soccer field.

He has led a variety of campaigns for Greenpeace. These include a successful push to ban the import of illegal timber, exposing corporations profiting from the destruction of orangutan habitat and advancing effective recycling programs in Australia to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Reece continues to be motivated by his love of nature, his partner and his ridiculously cute daughter.

“Whether I’m climbing up a building dressed as a penguin or working out logistics on an excel spreadsheet, I love my job. I know I'm incredibly fortunate to be in a position where I get to have a crack at saving the world (or just a piece of it) every day. One email or penguin suit at a time!"

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Nathaniel Pelle

Nathaniel Pelle, Oceans Campaigner

As the Sydney-based Oceans Campaigner, Nat leads Greenpeace’s campaign to protect Australia’s oceans from reckless corporations and government inaction. He currently runs a project that aims to connect Australians to the Pacific and to protect fishing stocks. As one of the few Greenpeace offices connected to the Indian Ocean, Nat certainly has his hands full conducting research and action against destructive fishing in this region.

Nat coordinated the public campaign in 2012 that led to the MV Margiris supertrawler being banned from Australian waters for two years. He also led the Australian campaign that made canned tuna brands like John West, Coles, IGA, Aldi and others stop supporting destructive fishing methods.

Nat grew up in Newcastle where he worked as a graphic designer. Against the backdrop of this large coastal, industrial town his love of the ocean and concern for workers rights and livelihood developed. He studied Peace and Conflict, Media, and Environmental Politics in Newcastle, Sydney and Edinburgh, Scotland.

“My working life has been varied but nothing beats working for Greenpeace. We are ordinary people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe just trying to make a difference.”

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Nikola Čašule, Climate and Energy Campaigner

NikolaNikola joined Greenpeace as a Climate and Energy Campaigner in early 2014.

He previously worked as a university lecturer and researcher in the United Kingdom and Australia and has taught at the University of Oxford, Sydney University and the ANU. He holds a PhD in Ancient History from the University of Oxford and a BA (Honours) degree from Macquarie University.

Nikola joined Greenpeace after deciding that he could no longer focus on studying the rise and fall of ancient civilisations without doing everything possible to help deal with the climate crisis facing our own.

“Climate change is the most serious threat facing the human race. The extent to which we take action will not only determine whether we can live on a peaceful and prosperous planet but also how our generation will be viewed by our children and grandchildren. We can’t let them down.”

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Matisse Walkden-Brown

Matisse Walkden-Brown

Matisse Walkden-Brown joined Greenpeace in early 2015 as the Head of Pacific Net. Having grown up in Fiji on a coconut grove family-run resort, she now puts all of her wide-eyed enthusiasm into ensuring sustainability for the Pacific and its people.

Working throughout the 24 island states, Matisse is passionate about creating a united Pacific voice against Climate Change and a maintainable and equitable ocean management for the region.

Matisse has a background in Public Relations and TV/Radio production, as well as a journalism degree, a powerful little blog, a few years as an international model and a history of standing up and speaking out.

She was introduced to Greenpeace at age 10 on the deck of the Rainbow Warrior, holding a home-made (glittered) poster reading “This is my home. Please don’t spoil it” in the middle of Suva Harbour.

“There is a paradise worth saving. It is not in the brochures. It is in the sticky mango hands, the salty hair, the outdoor naps, the island laughter, the grandmas and uncles and friends and children all around a bowl of fresh fish, taro and hand-picked chillies.

To do so, we need to make the hard decisions. To learn the difference between ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’, what is ‘inconvenient’ and what is ‘impossible’.

That is why I work for Greenpeace. So my children’s children don’t have to live behind seawalls against an empty ocean.”

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Ian Lawton, Bequest Coordinator

Ian's first job was working as a youth worker on the streets of inner Sydney. He has always been passionate about bearing witness to injustice and supporting the underdog. He has worked for humanitarian organisations in Australia, New Zealand and America.

One of Ian's guiding principles is paying kindness forward. In early 2015, Ian joined Greenpeace to lead the Bequest (Legacy) program and is excited to support others as they show kindness to the earth and future generations by leaving gifts to Greenpeace in their Wills.

Ian is grateful and humbled by the many Greenpeace supporters he talks to on a daily basis. He is confident that together we can make a huge difference to the earth for a long time to come.

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Nicola Norris, Head of Advancement

Nicola first started working for Greenpeace Australia Pacific between 2004 and 2007, returning to the organisation in 2014 as the Head of Advancement. Nicola has over 14 years of experience in donor engagement, specializing in regular giving programs and developing fundraising teams. 

Originally from the UK, she went straight from uni to a UK fundraising consultancy. She then moved to Australia, where she has dedicated her career to increasing fundraising revenue for several NGOs including Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

Nicola holds an honors degree in International Management from the University of Bath. She has lived in Sydney for over 10 years with her husband Conor, feels blessed to live in this wonderful country and enjoys long walks in the Australian bush at weekends.

"It is a great privilege to speak to our donors about the things that matter to them. Greenpeace donors are particularly special and I am humbled and inspired by them. You give because you believe in us; your donations truly change the world and we cannot thank you enough"

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Claire Pryce, Major Relationships Manager

Growing up in South Africa, Claire became passionate from a young age about fighting issues of injustice.

After obtaining a degree in Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Cape Town, Claire moved to the UK to pursue a career in relationship management - starting off in the recruitment industry and then working for social change organisations.

Claire worked as a corporate and events fundraising manager in the humanitarian and medical research spheres before moving to Australia in March 2012 to take up the role of Major Gifts Manager at Greenpeace.

Claire is passionate about recognising and valuing the very people that enable Greenpeace to carry out our vital work. It is the warmth and generosity of these supporters that leaves Claire humbled and inspired on a daily basis.

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