Year in Review 2010

Standard Page - 3 January, 2011
As we embark on a sparkling new year full of hope and aspirations, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible support in 2010. While we toast the highs and learn from the lows, we take stock knowing that together we form a global community of passionate people who give our planet the voice it deserves. Thank you!

Check out this radical short video from Greenpeace staff and vollies, and remember some of the year's highlights with us.


So what happened last year?



We kick-start the year with a new global leader - Kumi Naidoo. Kumi has an inspiring and active past, from helping South Africa's liberation struggle to becoming a Rhodes scholar. More

The year doesn't start as joyous for our four activists jailed for protesting at the Copenhagen Climate summit. The detainment highlights not only the failure of world leaders, but also the unjust treatment of climate activists. More


With the world's favourite fish - tuna - in serious trouble we launch our campaign to pressure tuna brands to take responsibility for their role in the crisis. This includes releasing a tuna guide, hosting events Australia-wide and securing hot celebrity support! More


Our video and report 'Caught Red Handed' expose the world's largest food and beverage company - Nestlé - to be involved in forest destruction. More

After two years since their controversial arrest, our Japanese activists - the Tokyo Two - commence their trial for exposing corruption in the whaling industry. More

A four-month tour across Europe begins calling for a moratorium on the release of genetically engineered (GE) crops. Months later, a massive one million signatures are delivered to the EU Commission. More


Celebrity chefs join us in presenting a petition to the government with 30,000 signatories calling for strong GE labelling in Australia. More

Activities ramp up on Nestlé with peaceful actions rolled out around the world.


Success! After only 8 weeks, Nestlé agrees to end its role in forest destruction. This massive victory was thanks to 23,000 Aussies and 140,000 people worldwide applying pressure on the food giant. More

Success! Eight Pacific Island Nations agree to close a massive 4.5 million km2 to destructive purse seine fishing in their waters. More

Following the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we monitor the impacts and begin a worldwide campaign seeking an end to oil addiction. More

The biggest tissue manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, signs our Joint Statement calling for an end to Australia's illegal logging imports. The key players in the timber industry form an unprecedented alliance with us. Who else signed up?


A resumption of commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is prevented at this year's International Whaling Commission. Unfortunately no other progress is made. More

Success! The biggest, most ambitious forest conservation deal ever is announced - the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. This follows our 7-year campaign. More


We ramp up pressure on oil companies and governments with the launch of our Go Beyond Oil ship tours. Multiple actions take place including a UK-wide shutdown of many BP stations. Tour info

Success! The European Union bans illegal timber importation after our 10-year campaign. Australia's role

On the 25th anniversary of the Rainbow Warrior bombing, we begin construction of Rainbow Warrior III. Donate

Our Canned Tuna Guide makes waves. We re-launch the guide to include improvements in many tuna brands' policies. Australia's first sustainable canned tuna product is introduced. Progress


In the lead-up to the federal election, Labor announces it will introduce illegal logging legislation if elected - a promise it honoured in December. More

Pressure in Japan increases as Japanese citizens and the international community call for just treatment of the Tokyo Two and an end to the corrupt whaling program. Protest pics


The Tokyo Two receive their verdict - a jail sentence suspended for three years. It is a dark day for Japan's democratic right to free speech. More

Channel 7 launch our investigation into GE-contaminated baby food. Parents take action in supermarkets, in their communities, at Parliament House and online. More


After months of research and negotiations, we launch our campaign targeting the money behind dirty coal power. Australia's big 4 banks are the biggest financers of the coal industry. Report


We focus on the dirtiest bank of all - ANZ. Peaceful actions take place around Australia, as the big bank digs its heels in. Actions

The largest mobilisation against nuclear energy transport takes place all over Europe. Australian NGO's unite in opposition to Uranium mining and nuclear power. More


We take action against Orica to prevent it dangerously shipping highly toxic waste from Sydney to Denmark. The shipment is halted as the Danes refuse to accept the waste. Images

Japan's whale hunt kicks off but the fleet is in disarray. Increasing opposition to whaling within Japan has meant the fleet couldn't secure a refuelling ship, it left the latest in 20 years and has record levels of unused whale meat to deal with.

Pacific Island Nations push the envelope on tuna conservation, taking drastic action at the annual tuna meeting. More

The Cancun summit brings a glimmer of hope for global action on climate change. The talks aren't a complete failure like Copenhagen and put in place the building blocks for a global deal. More Success! The Japanese Government admits to corruption in the whaling industry and agrees to take action, following our hard work in Japan. More

To everyone who supported and inspired us in 2010 - thank you so much!