Greenpeace condemns APPCO practices

Press release - 18 June, 2017
June 19, 2017: The practices and culture revealed during yesterday’s Sunday Night program appear to show company using the good name of charities to take advantage of the Australian public.

The program heard from former workers who claimed as little as seven per cent of the donations were actually passed on to the desired charity, with the rest going directly to the Appco Group.

It also claims Appco staff mocked the very charities they were raising money to support. 

“The behaviour credited to Appco staff during the Sunday Night show is disgusting,” Greenpeace Deputy Program Director, Nic Seton, said.

“While Greenpeace Australia Pacific have never had any dealings with Appco we are nonetheless concerned by claims that any company would use a charity’s good name to gouge the public for donations."

Greenpeace use a number of different service providers to connect with the public for charitable donations all of which go through a rigorous due diligence process.

“Agencies are constantly reassessed as part of this due diligence process and any suppliers who show a lack of ethics or predatory behaviour will be terminated,” Seton said.

“We believe in protecting the environment and assisting impacted communities and every single dollar that we raise is budgeted to best maximize our impact.”

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