MEDIA CONFERENCE SYD 10.20AM: 3 mth pre-trial detention extension for Greenpeace Arctic30/Family at SYD Day of Action

Press release - 15 November, 2013
MEDIA ALERT - BREAKING NEWS: Family of Greenpeace Arctic30 will react to breaking news that Russia’s Investigative Committee yesterday announced it will apply for a three-month extension to the detention of the Arctic 30 which includes Australian Colin Russell. Today marks 60 days since detention in Russia began and is a global day of solidarity for the Arctic 30 - the 28 Greenpeace activists and 2 journalists.

WHAT/PHOTO OP: Family of Australian Colin Russell and Manly resident Alex Harris will join 100s of supporters at a colourful event by Sydney Harbour. Supporters will form a massive “Free The Arctic 30” sign using the iconic Sydney Opera House as backdrop. Families will speak and release 30 white doves into the sky. Kids with rainbow facepainting and paper doves.

WHEN: Media Conference 10.20am (event 10-11am) Saturday 16 Nov 2013.

WHERE: Hickson Road Reserve, Circular Quay

A media release and photos will be made available. 

Responding to the news of the possible extension of detention, Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said, "Our hearts break for our friends in jail and for their loved ones on the outside. We will fiercely resist this absurd attempt to keep those men and women in jail for a crime they did not commit. If the authorities succeed then we will appeal and ask for their release as soon as the court can schedule a hearing. This is a farce, it is an outrage that makes a joke of justice. It’s time for the Arctic 30 to come home.”

Peaceful events are planned on five continents, in well over 178 cities in 40 countries, from NZ to Mexico, from South Africa to Russia, including:
* In India Greenpeace will organise 30 hours of protest in 30 different cities
* In Paris 30 famous people including some politicians, sports personalities, and journalists will spend 30 hours in a cage for the Arctic 30
* In six German cities including Berlin hundreds of people will join marches
* In Johannesburg over 150 drummers will join a demonstration
* In Argentina, Brazil and Poland there will be solidarity music concerts. 

28 activists, a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer, were charged with piracy and later also with hooliganism by a Russian court, following a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling at a Gazprom oil platform in the Pechora Sea two months ago. Since then, over 2 million people have sent letters to Russian embassies demanding their release from prison. 13 nobel peace laureates are among those who have joined calls for their freedom. 

Timeline of events

For more information contact: Alison Orme Greenpeace Australia Pacific 0432 332 104,