New report exposes Coal’s contempt for Great Barrier Reef

Press release - 23 October, 2012
Sydney, 24th October, 2012: A new study released today confirms what Greenpeace and local environmentalists have been saying about the impacts of new coal terminals on the Great Barrier Reef coast.

The Cumulative Impact Assessment of three proposed new coal terminals at Abbot Point, their rail lines and dredging has been released.

The Assessment, produced for the companies building the coal terminals, does not deny that the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area will be impacted by their developments, but claims that impacts on marine turtles, humpback whales, threatened species and an internationally significant wetland can be "managed."

"Australia is dismantling an outstanding natural masterpiece at the behest of the coal industry, and it has to stop,” said Greenpeace climate campaigner, Georgina Woods. “This assessment makes it clear the coal industry seriously considers the Great Barrier Reef as the next sacrifice zone in their business agenda and Queenslanders will never accept that.”

"If you look at a painting of water lilies by Monet up close, you could find a square inch that didn’t look particularly spectacular. You could say to yourself, this is just a grey splodge, it’s not a unique expression of the beauty of this masterpiece… but if you cut out that square inch with a knife, if you smear tomato sauce on it, you realise too late your mistake, and you have ruinedsomething of great beauty and value, that you can never repair."

“Australians must rally to protect this beautiful natural masterpiece because it is clear that neither the Federal nor State government will,” concluded Woods.

Greenpeace Campaigner, Georgina Woods: 0437 405 932

Greenpeace Media Officer, Julie Macken: 0400 925 217