Release full report of probity inquiry into Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Board

Press release - 23 February, 2014
Following the Environment Minister Greg Hunt's late afternoon media statement releasing key findings of an inquiry into potential conflicts of interest involving two board members of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Greenpeace Reef Campaigner Louise Matthiesson said,"The public has a right to be disappointed with these findings. The inquiry has clearly taken a very narrow, legalistic view of the situation.

"The GBRMPA Board oversees one of the world's most precious and delicate natural places. Board members should be people with expertise in marine conservation, not involved in the coal and gas industries. 

"It is a matter of public record that Tony Mooney and John Grayson have financial links to coal and gas companies that could benefit from developments that may harm the reef.

"If this does not constitute a conflict of interest it would be interesting to know what does. 

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is tonight calling on the Environment Minister Mr Greg Hunt to release the full report of the inquiry. 

"Mr Hunt should release the full Report so the public can judge for themselves whether these men are the type of people we want in charge of the Reef.

"Failing to release the full report to allow close scrutiny of the evidence gathered by the Inquiry head Mr Robert Cornall suggests Minister Hunt is keen to sweep what was uncovered by ABC TV 7.30 Report under the carpet."

Contact: Alison Orme 0432 332 104