Over 55,000 Australians call on Prime Minister to ban super trawlers

Press release - 9 September, 2012
Canberra, Monday 10th September 2012: As Melissa Parke, MP, prepared to take her Private Member’s Bill to Labor Caucus today, Greenpeace Head of Program, Ben Pearson, presented her with the signatures of over 55,000 Australians calling on the Prime Minister to ban all super trawlers like the Margiris from fishing Australian waters.

“More than one person has signed the petition to ban super trawlers every minute since it launched on August 7,” said Greenpeace Head of Program Ben Pearson. “That’s additional to the 90,000 Australians urging the Government to ‘Stop the Super Trawler’.[1]”
“Time is running out to stop this weapon of mass destruction– it is currently listed as leaving Port Lincoln today and it could begin fishing unless the Government stops it,” said Ben Pearson. “From coast to coast and across political parties, the Prime Minister is being asked to take action to protect our national interest.”
“Wherever super trawlers have gone, fish stocks have taken a hammering. Fishing communities across West Africa and the South Pacific are still paying the price for allowing these monster ships to fish their waters.
“The only people to benefit from this industrial scale operation are the European owners of the super trawler and the New Zealand owners of Seafish,” continued Pearson. “Senator Ludwig has refused to use his power to stop it and Minister Burke, in trying to tighten the criteria has only managed to give the OK to the killing of 10 seals per day. The Prime Minister must intervene.”

“Greenpeace is enormously grateful to Melissa Parke and the State and Federal MPs across the country who have spoken out in defence of our great marine life, fishing industry and coastal communities that have so much to lose from allowing this super trawler to fish.”
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Link to the ‘No super trawlers petition”: www.greenpeace.org/australia/no-supertrawlers

Media Advisor in Canberra: Julie Macken, 0400 925 217
Head of Program, Greenpeace: Ben Pearson, 0424 575 111

[1] http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/stop-giant-fishing-trawler-in-tasmania