A spiritual, moral and ethical issue

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Feature Story - 2 September, 2013
At a time when there appears to be so many divisions between religions across the world, Australia has witnessed an important moment of unity and solidarity around climate change.

Religious leaders representing the Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Catholic faith traditions have come together and entered the election campaign debate by calling on both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to wind back coal exports and recognise the moral implications of inaction on climate change.

The leadership have written an open letter to the Australian people and released a video calling on both leaders to “step up to the plate”. 

“This is a spiritual issue, it’s a moral issue and it’s an ethical issue,” said Rev Brian Brown, Moderator Uniting Church Synod. “With our current Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader, the fact that they're devout Christians, gives us ground to speak with them and challenge them on this as a Christian issue. That’s also why our recent Uniting Church Synod passed a resolution to withdraw our investments in companies that mine fossil fuel,”

We were so moved by the courage and compassion shown by these leaders that we wanted to ensure as many people as possible knew about it as possible