From Russia with love - letters from the Arctic 30

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Feature Story - 27 October, 2013
We've received a number of letters now from the Arctic 30. We'd like to share a few highlights from a sample of them. They reveal what life is like for them in Murmansk, and how important your support is to them.

Marco Weber

© Dmitri Sharomov / Greenpeace

Your support and the knowledge that we have done the right thing keeps me above water. Thank you very much for your kind words, love and care you give to me. You are incredibly important!” 

Written by Marco Weber, October 8, in an open letter from a prison in Murmansk, Russia.

Sini Saarela

© Dmitri Sharomov / Greenpeace

Note from Sini Saarela, October 21, in Court.

Alex Harris

© Dmitri Sharomov / Greenpeace

“I heard the Arctic Sunrise mentioned on the radio the other day. It was in Russian so I couldn't understand it, but it's great to know the world is talking about us. On a good day I get to see my lawyer and hear news of protests all over the world. You wouldn't believe the difference the news makes. It really makes me feel better and I thank every single person who has joined a protest or sent an email.”

Written by Alex Harris in mail to her colleagues in Greenpeace Australia on Oct 10.

Tomasz Dziemianczuk

© Dmitri Sharomov / Greenpeace

"I'm grateful for the support of everyone back in Poland; ordinary people, Greenpeace activists, the state, the media. Thanks to this strong interest there is still a chance of our release. Otherwise we'd be sure to spend the next ten years in prison.”

Said by Tomasz Dziemianczuk  on October 21 in court for bail appeal.

David Haussmann

“I can't put it any more simply than thanks. Some of you I know, some I've heard of, some I'll never even meet. Your kind thoughts, support and humour mean a lot to me right now, it is the simple things in life.”

Written by David Haussmann, October 17, in open letter from prison in Murmansk, Russia.

It is now 36 days since the Arctic30 stood up against Arctic destruction for which they remain unjustly held. While they are behind bars facing trumped-up charges, your support is vital. Thank you for sharing the voices of the Arctic30 and showing the world they will not be forgotten.

Millions have voiced their support for the Arctic 30. Add your name today.



   © Dmitri Sharomov / Greenpeace