BHP Billiton – time to pay up

Feature Story - 5 June, 2011
Fresh from its victory avoiding the resource super profits tax, BHP Billiton is now trying to cheat its way out of paying its pollution tax.

So this morning Greenpeace activists presented BHP Billiton with the first of its carbon pollution tax bills. The bill is for $338 million - its carbon tax for 2010–2011 under a modest carbon price of $26 per tonne. This represents just 0.6% of BHP Billiton’s annual turnover – yet it’s trying to dodge paying even that much.

For most Australians $338 million is a huge amount. It could be used to make clean energy bigger and cheaper and help families adjust to a low carbon economy. While BHP Billiton tries to obstruct this positive process, it continues polluting our environment and damaging our health.

For too long the interests of the big polluters have been put ahead of Australians.

While the government is negotiating a critical price on pollution, we need to make sure this trend is broken.

BHP Billiton is one of the top ten polluters in Australia - it produced nearly 13 million tonnes of carbon pollution in 2009 and operates some of the most polluting coalmines in Australia. The pollution from its coal mining is set to increase by 100% by 2020 - wiping out any carbon cuts Australia makes.

This destruction serves the company well. The mining giant makes $52 billion a year and recorded a 116% profit last year. It’s currently busy lobbying to ensure it doesn’t have to give any of this up, and instead, Australian households pay for its mess.

It’s time to make things fair.

It’s time the mining giant and the other big polluters pay their fair share. While the details of a carbon price are nutted out, we’re here today to ensure the interests of Australians are put before the interests of the big polluters.



• Contact Mr. Hubie van Dalsen, President, Metallurgical Coal at BHP Billiton – the company’s carbon price negotiator. Tell him you want BHP Billiton to pay its fair share of the tax on pollution

1300 55 47 57

• Contact Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson. Tell them to stand up for the national interest not the big polluters. Combet: (02) 4954 2611 "> Ferguson: (03) 9416 8690