Coal train stopped in tracks

Feature Story - 7 June, 2011
Greenpeace activists obstruct a coal train at Mount Arthur coal mine owned by BHP Billiton – one of Australia’s most polluting companies – in the Hunter Valley.

One activist – Erland Howden – secured himself in a tiny box and was prepared to stay there for 72 hours.

Greenpeace are calling on BHP Billiton to pay for its pollution. It follows on from Monday’s activity, when the mining giant was handed its pollution tax bill of $338 million for 2010-2011. It’s a small amount for the company – just 0.6% of its annual revenue – but a huge amount for Australians. This money would make a significant difference to making clean energy bigger and cheaper and helping families adjust to a low carbon economy.

BHP Billiton successfully avoided the super resources tax and is now busy lobbying to cheat its way out of paying the pollution tax.

Greenpeace are tired of the big polluters getting their voice heard above ordinary Australians.  While the government is negotiating a price on pollution, the activists are calling for a fair deal – not one that serves the interests of the big polluters.

Erland aka ‘the boy in the box’ said when he was young he was taught to clean up after himself. He’s taking action today to tell BHP Billiton to clean up its own mess.

See how the action unfolded and with the twitter hashtag #BHPolluters

Take Action

• Contact Mr. Hubie van Dalsen, President, Metallurgical Coal at BHP Billiton – the company’s carbon price negotiator. Tell him you want BHP Billiton to pay its fair share of the tax on pollution

1300 55 47 57

• Contact Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson. Tell them to stand up for the national interest not the big polluters. Combet: (02) 4954 2611 "> Ferguson: (03) 9416 8690