LIVE: New action to stop Russian oil giant Gazprom's oil platform in Arctic

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Feature Story - 26 August, 2012
A short while ago, seven Greenpeace International activists, including Executive Director Kumi Naidoo, headed toward Gazprom's giant drilling platform in the Russian Arctic for the second time in three days. The activists, in two high-speed boats, intercepted a supply vessel as it prepared to drop off the workers to the oil platform.
Stop Gazprom©Greenpeace

Why we are doing this | Help: Sign the Save the Arctic petition

Kumi's boat is now attached to anchor chain of this vessel - it's not moving anywhere and so the platform workers can’t get on-board, effectively stopping its preparations to drill for oil in the Arctic.

A Russian Coast Guard vessel is nearby, and presumably assessing the situation.

A second load of activists have been brought to the scene - now 14 in total.

Why we are doing this

Prirazlomnaya. It’s certainly a mouthful, but it’s also the new name – and face – of Arctic destruction today. It's a giant Russian platform, set to be the first to try and commercially produce offshore Arctic oil anywhere on the planet.

Make no mistake: the Russian oil industry is not one to be trusted. Currently, on land in the Komi Republic, 30 million barrels of oil are spilt every year.

This is why, at 70 degrees North in the Pechora Sea, activists are protesting this monster platform and preventing it from drilling.

- Kumi's open letter to the people of Russia
- Kumi's personal motivation