Last call for brown coal

Feature Story - 27 June, 2012
The Federal Government is about to make a critical decision about whether or not it is still acceptable to build dirty coal-fired power stations in Australia.

The main climate event in town this weekend will be the carbon price coming into effect. But the end of June also marks the deadline by which Victorian coal company HRL have to justify keeping a $100 million taxpayer funded grant that would allow them to build a new,
600 Megawatt brown coal power plant.

Having failed to secure enough financial backing for their project, losing this taxpayer funded handout could end this dirty coal project altogether.

Learn more about our campaign to stop HRL and take action.

Today, hundreds of people rallied at Parliament House in Melbourne, calling for an end to the Victorian and Federal Governments' plans to expand coal and coal seam gas in the state, which includes proposals to create a brown coal export industry, so Victoria can export its
dirty fuel elsewhere while we all suffer the climate consequences.

At the heart of these plans to expand dirty coal is HRL, the expansion of whose power station would lead to more of Victoria's dairy farmland being turned into coal mines. It is also being used to justify projects that use taxpayer's money to look into carbon capture and storage - a technology Greenpeace showed in May was nothing more than an expensive pipe dream.

$100 MILLION  is a lot of taxpayer's money to sink into a new dirty coal power station.

At the end of the day, the decision over what to do with HRL's grant will be about more than what is an appropriate way to spend our tax dollars. It's about whether or not this government is serious when it says that we are having a carbon price to deliver a clean energy future.

It's about whether the Prime Minister's commitment that no more dirty coal-fired power stations will be built in this country is to be taken seriously. It would be a pretty bad look for the government if, after having just brought in a carbon price, the first announcement they make is a new dirty coal power station going ahead.

Help win this campaign to stop HRL get your message across to the Prime Minister and Energy Minister that you want an end to new coal-fired power stations in Australia.