Say Yes Australia!

Feature Story - 19 May, 2011
Greenpeace joins a passionate coalition of civil society groups and trade unions in Canberra to say yes to a price on pollution and yes to a clean, healthy future.

We'll be launching a National Week of Action from 30 May, culminating with rallies across Australia on Sunday 5 June. Together we will drown out the naysayers and noise that is distracting decision makers from safeguarding our future.

The groups collectively represent 3 million people across Australia. We’re calling on our supporters and the rest of Australia to speak up for strong action on climate change.

We're tired of hearing ‘No’. Taking action on climate change is vital, fair and enterprising. Saying yes to a price on pollution will pave the way for Australia to join the booming global clean energy market, to create thousands of more jobs, to have healthy, clean air and to protect our beautiful environment for generations to come.

The climate debate in Australia will no longer be dominated by fear mongers and vested interests that profit from destroying our shared environment. Australians are uniting to stand up to the big polluters and urge our politicians to lead the way to a safe, clean future.  There may never be a better time to make this vital change. So come on, say yes Australia.

This is just the start of a nation-wide positive campaign. Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments.

What can you do?

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Mark Sunday 5 June in your diary to join a rally across Australia

Sydney: Prince Alfred Park, 11 am

Melbourne: Outside the State Library, 11 am

Adelaide: Victoria Square, 11 am

Brisbane: Riverstage, 1pm

Perth: Perth Cultural Centre - Wetlands stage, 11am

Hobart: Franklin Square, 11am

Canberra: Regatta Point (near the bridge), 1.30pm


Say Yes Australia is the collaborative effort of Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Council of Trade Unions, The Climate Institute, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, World Wildlife Fund Australia, Climate Action Network Australia, GetUp!, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and Environment Victoria (on behalf of Australia’s Conservation Councils)