Shell's priceless Grand Prix moment

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Feature Story - 25 August, 2013
We exposed Shell’s dirty Arctic drilling plans at its biggest sponsor event of the year: the Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix. Watch the video of the priceless moment when we surprised Shell right before the presentation of the winner's trophy.

Despite being forced to abandon plans to drill for oil off the coast of Alaska this summer, Shell has invested $5bn in an offshore drilling programme that would spell disaster for our climate and delicate Arctic ecosystems.

At their biggest sponsor event of the year, the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix, we used parachutes and banners to surprise Shell and protest their reckless plans to drill for oil in the melting Arctic.

While organisers tried to pretend nothing was amiss - one official was left helpless when not one - but TWO Greenpeace banners raised from the winner's podium just moments before the winner's trophy was to be presented. As millions watched live, Save the Arctic banners (secretly installed weeks before) unfurled in front of the Grand Prix winners and organisers.

Watch: Shell's priceless Grand Prix moment

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Greenpeace activists also scaled the grandstand, opposite the VIP enclosure at the Shell Belgian Grand Prix, to release a 20-metre-long banner “Arctic Oil? Shell No!”

Greenpeace is campaigning for a ban on offshore drilling in the Arctic, and for the uninhabited area around the North Pole to be declared a global sanctuary.

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