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Feature Story - 7 January, 2013
The mining industry is one of the most powerful industry groups in Australia’s history.

With literally billions of dollars at its disposal, this industry has dominated our airwaves, political life and economic considerations for the last decade.

It has drowned out, bought out and sold out the voices of ordinary Australians – the men and women who build our communities and keep us together. These are not the stars of the mining company commercials. They are the people tossed aside as this juggernaut rolls over the top of their homes, their futures, their beaches, waterways and communities.

But they are not alone anymore.

Here are four people who know plenty about this industry – about its costs, its impact and its total disregard for their lives and their values.

If you have a story about the mining industry and its impact on your life or on the life of people and places you love, please film it and send it in to us. We think it’s time the rest of Australia gets to have a say about the real story of mining.

Together we can make our voices heard and defend the people and places we love. Please watch and share these stories.