How many grandmas do you know who’d walk 1168 km for the planet?

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Feature Story - 26 May, 2013
June Norman might look like your average grandma. But on 1 June 2013 she started an epic 1186 kilometre journey on foot from Cairns to Gladstone to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

“It’s an awareness raising walk to highlight to highlight the coal expansion and to show the damage that it will cause to our Reef if it goes ahead,” said June, a 72-year-old great grandmother from Queensland.

Watch June’s story:

Her motivation?

“This is like war in our own country,” said June. “It will devastate our country. As our land is destroyed that grows the food and maybe our water could be contaminated.”

“And then there’s the real threat of losing the Great Barrier Reef.”

“I would like to have hundreds and hundreds of people come along with us. We want to meet the communities along the way, to talk to them, to listen to them and hear their concerns and for us to share our experiences along that walk.”

June is one of a huge national community of Australians who are outraged at what the coal industry has in store for our Great Barrier Reef. She’s going to extraordinary lengths to make sure her grandchildren can experience the Reef throughout their lives.

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