Carbon price to power Australia into the future

Feature Story - 24 February, 2011
We are witnessing a great moment in history. The announcement yesterday of a carbon price marks the start of a plan that will power Australia into the future. Stand back and marvel at this incredible first step.

The PS10 11 Megawatt Solar Thermal Power Plant located 25 km west of Seville in Southern Spain. The solar radiation, mirror design plant is capable of producing 23 GWh of electricity which is enough to supply power to a population of 10,000.

Of course, the big polluters won't let Prime Minister Gillard off lightly - they will be pulling out every tool at their disposal (and with all that money they've got, there are quite a few) to make us think this is a tax on the people, instead of a scheme to make them pay for polluting our air.

The debate has only just started and we can't let big polluters win. If the price on pollution is high enough, it will unleash massive renewable energy projects and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. As this article explains in the Sydney Morning Herald today, wind energy companies have large-scale projects waiting and ready to go.

Tell Julia you would rather power Australia's economy with renewable energy than dirty coal. To do that, the carbon price has to be right.

Go to Julia Gillard's Facebook page and tell her in person you want a strong carbon price. If you're on twitter, let her know you support a carbon price by tweeting "@juliagillard".

Renewable-energy can power our future - it will be cheaper and healthier for our families. Currently, big polluting industry is the only thing in the way of that, and it is time for polluting companies to pay the real cost of coal.