Barbie down under

Feature Story - 13 June, 2011
The Barbie scandal has hit Australian shores. This morning, endangered Sumatran tigers and ‘forest destroyer’ Barbie showed up at Mattel’s Australian HQ in Melbourne.

While Barbie wields her pink chainsaw, the tigers and activists are calling on the world’s largest toy company to stop wrapping Barbie and its other toys up in forest destruction. The action follows the release of Greenpeace investigations last week, which revealed that Mattel’s toys are wrapped in packaging that comes from the notorious forest destroyer in Indonesia – Asia Pulp & Paper.

There are only around 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, yet their home continues to be cleared to make cheap throwaway packaging for companies like Mattel. There used to be three tiger species in Sumatra, now there is only one. We don’t want to see the endangered Sumatran tiger suffer the same fate.

"Mattel needs to establish a comprehensive sustainable packaging policy immediately," said Greenpeace Australia Pacific forests campaigner Reece Turner. "In the meantime it must cease all contact with Asia Pulp and Paper and ensure its suppliers do not source products from the notorious rainforest destroyer either."

The world has got behind our campaign targeting Mattel. Following the activities in over 40 countries, 200 000 people have written to the company so far, calling on it to clean up its supply chain. The activists in Melbourne this morning represent the thousands of Australians that back our demands for forest protection.