Ken’s desperate phone call to Mattel about Barbie

Feature Story - 5 July, 2011
Ken picked up the phone. And now we’d like you to drop Mattel a line too.

It’s been nearly a month since Barbie’s secret deforestation habit was revealed to Ken in an interview that has now been seen by 1.3 million people around the world. The interview sparked protest of Mattel’s use of packaging that comes from rainforest destruction in Indonesia.

Over 240,000 messages have been sent to Mattel, banners have been hung from LA to London and activists have paid a visit to Mattel offices around the world, including in Melbourne.

Sick of wondering when and how Mattel will finally take concrete action to solve this problem, Ken has picked up the phone and given Mattel a call. We have a recording of the conversation...

We need to join Ken and phone Mattel too. The more phone calls, the more Mattel will realise that a lot of people are still waiting to hear how it plans to fix this problem.

Mattel is listening. Thanks to the thousands of people who emailed Mattel, within 24 hours of Barbie’s scandalous habit becoming worldwide news, Mattel issued a statement promising to investigate how it could remove products coming from notorious forest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) from supply chains. This was a good start, but not good enough.

Since then, Mattel has been silent on how it will actually implement the changes necessary.

Take Action

A quick call to Mattel will let them know that we are all still expecting action. It should only take a couple of minutes and it will make a world of difference.

Here’s a few things you could say to Mattel:

"I'm calling you today because I don't think it is acceptable for a toy company like Mattel to use any products that come from destroyed forests. 

I’ve already e-mailed you about your use of packaging from APP.

I’ve also seen the latest public statements in which Mattel promises to investigate how it could remove deforestation from its supply chains, and also promises to be developing a deforestation policy.

I’m asking that you make public your plans for when and how you will implement this policy. And I also ask that you immediately stop using APP products.

It would be good to see that the world’s largest toy company is going to show leadership here. I would appreciate a response to my concerns.

Please ensure that my concerns are passed on to your CEO Mr. Robert Eckert. I’d like him to take action on the points I've just mentioned."

Mattel’s phone number is 1300 135 312 - press 1 for consumer relations.

Ps. If they tell you to email your concern - and they probably will - say you already have and now you want a response over the phone. At least give them your email so they reply to you.

We’d love to hear how you went – send us an and let us know what Mattel said.

Not a phone person?

There’s lots of other ways you can help the campaign:

•    Share the original video and ask your friends to email Mattel
•    Follow and share the drama of the Ken and Barbie break-up on Twitter and Facebook
•    Grab an a "angry" Ken pic for your profile on Facebook

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