BREAKING NEWS: activists arrested, giant trawler en route for our shores

Feature Story - 3 July, 2012
After five and half days holding up one the world’s most destructive fishing trawlers, Greenpeace activists have been arrested by Dutch police. The trawler, the Margiris, is now headed for Tasmanian waters and will likely be in Australia by the end of August.

From weekend anglers to environmental groups, the community is united against the arrival of the vessel – which is over twice the size of the previous largest ship allowed to fish in Commonwealth Waters.

Where ever this ship has been, it has left collapsed fish stocks in its wake. It has no place fishing in Australia or anywhere else for that matter. Over the next few weeks we’ll be keeping up the pressure on the government. Help the politicians see sense, join the community to keep the Margiris out of our waters.

TAKE ACTION: Stop the super trawler