How we got Barry O'Farrell to watch your Coke TV ad

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Standard Page - 5 June, 2013
You probably heard the news that our TV ad shaming Coke for blocking effective recycling was BANNED from going on air.

After Channel 9 deemed it "too offensive" to go on air, Channel 10, Channel 7 and SBS followed suit, saying that it wasn't in their commercial interests.

But we were determined to make sure Australians and key decision-maker NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell saw it. So we took our message to the streets of Sydney on a 10-metre truck-mounted movie screen. We captured the action on camera for you - check it out below!

Together we can win a Cash for Containers scheme, but it’s not time to celebrate yet. In fact, it’s so close right now that the final decision will come down to just one man: NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell.

Here’s the deal: within weeks, state premiers and environment ministers are expecting an independent report on whether Cash for Containers should be implemented across Australia. Barry O’Farrell will do one of two things: either he’ll cave into corporate pressure and reject a national scheme, or he stand up to clean up our beaches, parks, oceans and waterways and support Cash for Containers.

He’s still undecided and has refused to personally meet us to receive our 70,000 strong petition. But he can’t brush us off that easily: watch our new video, then email Barry O’Farrell asking him to side with the majority of Australians who want a national Cash for Containers scheme.

Curious to see what lengths we went to in order to get this video in front of Barry? Click here to read out "making of" blog.