NEW game! Ocean Apocalypse: Have you got what it takes?

Press release - 25 October, 2012
Friday, 26 October 2012, Sydney: The most popular fruit-slicing game in the world ‘Fruit Ninja’ has been taken to the next level of slasher satisfaction with Greenpeace’s new release, ‘Ocean Apocalypse’.

The new ninja-style game, launched this week in Sydney and Melbourne, has been created to highlight the destructive fishing methods of Australia’s biggest tuna brand, John West.
The challenge: Can you wipe out more marine life than John West?
“You have to slaughter more rays, sharks, tropical fish and turtles than John West do every year. And believe me, it’s tough; John West use an incredibly indiscriminate fishing method. 10% of everything they catch is needless bycatch including sharks, rays, baby tuna and turtles,” said Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner, Nathaniel Pelle.
“This game really puts your marine life slaughter skills to the test,” said Greenpeace web developer and gaming fanatic Manuel Perez. “You feel a bit wrong playing it, but it’s very addictive.”
As well as the free Facebook app version of the game, Greenpeace has turned Ocean Apocalypse into a retro arcade game to travel around Australia.
“We wanted to give everyone a simulated experience of life as a John West fisherman,” said Pelle. “Now you can cut out the can and go straight to the carnage.”
Special Features:

  • Axes, multi-blades, slashing
  • "Rage Mode"
  • Successful players win a can of John West tuna which pops out the bottom of the arcade console.

Online version of Ocean Apocalypse:

Video of punters playing arcade game:

‘Reject John West’ petition:
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