NSW Govt Community Cabinet @ Casula: Campaign for Cash 4 Containers

Press release - 6 April, 2014
With NSW’s commitment to a 10c Cash for Containers recycling scheme set to be decided within a matter of days, and all Environment Ministers due to meet to discuss it in April, local residents and campaigners will use the opportunity of the Casula Community Cabinet today to ask O’Farrell to join the Victorian Premier and back the scheme.

WHERE: Bella Fonte Events Centre, Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool, 8 York Street Casula.

WHEN: Monday 7 April. Protest at 6pm outside Events Centre, then from 6.30pm inside the public meeting locals concerned about plastic litter will question the NSW Premier.

PHOTO OP: Locals and campaigners will gather outside the event, some dressed in It Makes Cents! T-shirts and others in bottle suits with signs, gathering support from MPs and the public. There will be a giant oversized Coke Bottle and big mock 10c pieces.

• Within the month it will become clear if Victoria and NSW are committed to implementing a 10 cents cash for containers beverage recycling scheme, joining SA and the NT. The Victorian Premier Denis Napthine has publicly backed the move, calling on the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell to join him. A commitment from both VIC and NSW will make a national scheme likely.

• While the Victorian Premier clearly supports the scheme, he says it will work best if NSW signs on. The NSW Premier’s views are less apparent, although his Environment Minister Robyn Parker has not ruled it out. Various NSW government backbenchers publicly back the scheme (eg Coogee Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith).

• While 84 per cent of the public supports the scheme, the beverage industry and the Australian Food and Grocery Council continues to lobby against it.

Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance Mr Jeff Angel said, “It would make no sense if NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell said no to this opportunity to deliver an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly 10c container deposit scheme to the 84 per cent of Australians who say they want it.

“The top items littered in Australia are drink cans and bottles but they are also the most easily recyclable. South Australian residents, where this scheme has run for 35 years, recycle 80 per cent of their containers - double the national average. A 10cent deposit/refund scheme is more effective and financially sustainable than any industry alternative.”

“The program will save local councils money, create an estimated 3000 jobs in the recycling industry and importantly reduce litter clogging our parks, rivers and oceans,” Mr Angel said.

Local Liverpool Councillor Peter Harle said, "As a long term resident and representative of the community of Liverpool I've seen firsthand the tons of toxic rubbish from drink containers fill up our local catchments that flow into the Georges River. The Liverpool Council has overwhelmingly voted in favour of a container deposit scheme and I'll be urging the State Government to do the right thing by the community and get on with bringing in this policy that is proven to work.”

For further information and to arrange interviews today and at the event:
Alison Orme Media Greenpeace Australia Pacific 0432 332 104
Liverpool Councillor Peter Harle 04 1273 6956