One boat we should fear coming to Australia

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Feature Story - 5 August, 2012
Right now, one of the world’s most notorious fishing vessels is on its way to Australian shores.

FV Margiris

From Europe to Africa and across the Pacific, the super trawler FV Margiris has wiped out fish stocks around the world. Its next target is Australia.

At 142 metres long, the Dutch-owned vessel is the second largest super trawler in the world. The Margiris not only vacuums up large volumes of critical local fish, its huge net catches other marine life such as dolphins and seals, leaving behind a devastated ecosystem unable to recover.

Key Facts

  1. The FV Margiris is twice the size of any fishing vessel that has ever fished in Australian waters.
  2. It catches up to 250 tonnes of fish a day.
  3. It will target Tasmania’s small pelagic fish (eg jack mackerel), which are in a critical state. These fish are a vital food source for important species like the critically endangered southern bluefin tuna, marine mammals, seabirds and game fish.
  4. Senegal has banned Margiris and other super trawlers due to its destruction. But not Australia.

Greenpeace is working with local community, environmental and fishing groups to pressure the  Australian Government to turn the Margiris back.

And we don’t want the government to stop there. This is not the only super trawler with eyes on Australian fish. We are calling on the Prime Minister to ban the Margiris and every other super trawler fishing in Australian waters, now and forever.

MV Margiris, Super Trawler

The source

Greenpeace campaigners in Europe are also targeting the source of the problem: government money. European Industrial fishing vessels have fished out their own waters and now target other waters worldwide, propped up by government subsidies. Without these subsidies, they couldn’t afford to operate. Our campaigners in Europe are lobbying for an end to subsidies for destructive fishing vessels, including the FV Margiris.

Confronting the Margiris

This ship is bad news and it is not the first time we have said so. Earlier this year Greenpeace activists confronted it pillaging waters in Mauritania and just last month we obstructed it in the Netherlands for 6 days as it was attempting to depart for Australia.

MV Margiris, Super Trawler

Global fish stocks are in rapid decline because of fishing vessels like the Margiris. Help us stop this pillaging factory coming to Australia and campaign for an end to destructive fishing practices. The health of our oceans depends on it.

MV Margiris, Super Trawler

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