The TV ad Coca-Cola doesn’t want you to see

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Feature Story - 14 May, 2013
It’s been all over the news. Our controversial TV ad exposing Coca-Cola’s opposition to an effective Cash for Containers recycling scheme has been stopped from going on air.

Hundreds of Greenpeace supporters chipped in to get it aired on Channel 9 during one of Barry O’Farrell’s favourite TV shows. But at the last minute our spot was cancelled after TV bosses deemed it “too offensive” to go on air -- despite us cooperating fully with government classification bodies. Since then, SBS and Channel 7 followed suit and also stopped us from airing the ad.

It might be confronting. It might shock some. But let’s be clear: the only thing “offensive” here it Coke’s outrageous efforts to crush this effective recycling to stop it being implemented nationally.

Coke can’t stop us reaching even more Australians online. You can help right now by watching the ad and sharing it with everyone:

INFOGRAPHIC: why we need a national 'Cash for Containers' scheme