VIDEO: how a group of high school girls got Coca-Cola banned

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Feature Story - 25 July, 2013
It might be the world’s biggest drinks company, but that didn’t deter this incredibly inspiring group of Sydney school girls.

They’ve managed to have all Coca-Cola products banned from Canterbury Girls High School. Why? Because of the company’s outrageous efforts to block the popular and proven Cash for Containers scheme from being rolled out across Australia.

Watch this story from ABC News:

“I think it’s a really great way to help eliminate plastic waste all across Australia,” said high school student Thandiwe Gudu to ABC News.

And it’s not just the students that have decided to stand up to Coke. The parents and community around the school supported the students with a motion passed by the school’s Parents and Citizens Association.

If you feel inspired by the students or the parents, then follow their lead: