Bondi lifeguards turn to saving tuna

Feature Story - 14 July, 2010
Lifeguards from the TV series ‘Bondi Rescue’ launched the new and updated Greenpeace Canned Tuna Guide this week. In an exciting development, the latest guide reveals a new, sustainable tuna brand on the market.

Bondi Rescue Lifeguards

Since Greenpeace first launched the Canned Tuna Guide in March, consumer pressure has led to major changes in Australia's tuna market.

Thousands of people wrote outraged emails demanding that tuna companies clean up their act. The companies finally listened and have begun to change.

Fish 4 Ever - the new sustainable brand on the market

IGA supermarkets and independent stores have started stocking Fish 4 Ever, a new brand that uses sustainable pole and line caught Skipjack Tuna.

The Australian distributor of Fish 4 Ever, First Ray, introduced the brand to Australia after learning about the overfishing crisis.

"We became aware of the issues surrounding overfishing and wanted to offer Australians a sustainable option," co-founder of First Ray, Sandy Abram said.

Aldi and IGA come clean

The Greenpeace Canned Tuna Guide also pressured other companies to improve their ways. Brands like Aldi and IGA have started labelling their tuna cans, telling consumers which tuna species is inside and where it was caught. Aldi has also committed to not source from proposed marine reserves.

Top brands still killing turtles and sharks

Unfortunately, 11 out of 12 brands in the tuna guide still kill turtles and sharks with the way they fish. While, many brands have moved to better labelling of their cans, big brands like Sirena and John West keep consumers in the dark about how their tuna is caught.

Destructive tuna fishing methods is one of the most urgent threats facing our oceans. Now is the time to re-double our efforts and urge these tuna brands to change the way they fish.

'Bondi Rescue' boys help save tuna

Two of the lifeguards from the television series 'Bondi Rescue' were propelled into action after watching the gripping documentary, The End of the Line.

"I was horrified to discover that my favourite tuna brand was wiping out tuna, turtles and sharks," said lifeguard, Brad Malyon.

"I spend most of my life in the ocean. Usually I'm protecting people from the dangers of the ocean, but the oceans also need protection from us."

"We're asking Aussies to help us defend our oceans," said Chris Chapman.