Infrared Photo of Elgin Platform North Sea

Photo | 2 May, 2012

Midwave-infrared camera image of the Elgin Wellhead Platform (Total) off the coast of Scotland. Methane gas has been leaking from the wellhead of the platform for the last days. The pictures were shot from outside the security distance of three nautical miles around Elgin. The graphic illustrates the gas cloud and the natural cloud.The camera detects specific absorption rates or proportions of atmospheric gases and visualize them in different color gradations, in this case pink (colors can be set freely, even black and white would be possible). All transparent pink areas are gas. Sometimes ìcolorsî overlap, but have different saturations hence different meanings. We can state where is gas and where is only a gas reflection gas from vapor. The reflection on the lower side of the sky cloud shows that the measuring is properly, because the gas cloud is in the center of the effect. The identified pink haze or fog is the gas. The saturated pink cloud is the related reflection from water molecules in the air. The same behavior is visible on the water surface. Depending on the angle of approach, the gas cloud is being reflected and in addition the reflection is being mirrored.04/02/2012